We’re all for good

Good comes in more ways than one. We’re a collective made up of many social enterprises, serving many different purposes, for one good reason. You.

Good value every day

We don’t want you worrying about food and daily essentials. That’s why we work together to keep our prices affordable and make every day better for you.

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Be in good hands

Quality healthcare is for everyone, no matter your age or background. That’s why we work as one to provide financial protection services, to give you a hand at every stage in life.

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Stay in good health

A better quality of life begins with eating and living well. That’s why we bring you hearty and wholesome food options. So the healthier choice will always be your easier choice.

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Good progress through life

Learning never stops, and we believe it’s essential for all. That’s why we offer quality education for both children and working adults. No matter their age or background.

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We are NTUC Enterprise

The NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises were set up to serve the interests of not only the working people, but also the broader interests of the Singapore community. We aim to meet a wide range of social needs: from moderating prices of essential goods and services to enhancing basic financial security to caring for three-generational families. We collectively serve about 2 million customers annually.

We aspire to provide a suite of integrated services throughout the lifecycle of our population. In recognition of the needs of our time, our three core priorities are in the areas of Cost of Living, Ageing and Health. Our critical target segments are the lower-income group and the elderly, but we will also keep sight of the needs of the PMEs, sandwiched class and youth.

MG&PG Goodies by NTUC Enterprise

Committed to looking after our seniors, NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises present a series of initiatives for Merdeka and Pioneer Generations members (MG & PG).

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Over 60 ways to save with NTUC Enterprise

NTUC Enterprise group of social enterprises are here to make your every day more affordable.

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NTUC Good Start Bundle

To support working parents, the NTUC family has put together a free bundle filled with essentials and perks (worth $300) for all families with babies born between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2019!

Do you want to influence and impact the Singapore community using the latest technologies? We are looking for digital talents like you to be part of this revolutionary transformation!

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NTUC Foodfare’s outlets serve more than 150,000 quality meals daily.


Over 710,000 FairPrice members enjoy rebates with purchases.

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Over 60 ways to save with NTUC Social Enterprises!

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